Manuscript Submission

KRITERION — Journal of Philosophy is a forum for contributions in any field of analytic philosophy. We welcome submissions of previously unpublished papers, not under consideration for publication anywhere else. Submissions are reviewed in double-blind peer review mode. Contributions should meet the following conditions:

  • The content must be original and philosophical.
  • The language must be intelligible to a broader readership.
  • The contribution must contain a traceable argumentation.

Please note that by submitting your manuscript to KRITERION — Journal of Philosophy you assure that:

  • The manuscript has been prepared for double-blind peer review and does not contain any author or affiliation information.
  • The manuscript has not been published elsewhere.
  • The manuscript is not and will not be under consideration anywhere else while undergoing review in KRITERION — Journal of Philosophy.
  • The manuscript will be given to KRITERION — Journal of Philosophy if accepted for publication by the editors.

Instructions for authors:

  • We only accept papers in the following formats:
    • (tex) LaTeX Format (we provide some extra information for LaTeX users)
    • (pdf) Portable Document Format
    • (doc) Word Format
    • (rtf) Rich Text Format
    • (txt) Text Only Format
  • Papers should be submitted via email to:
  • Only contributions in English (preferred) and German are accepted.
  • Papers should include a short abstract in English followed by 4 to 6 keywords.
  • Papers should be between 4.000 and 12.000 words in length.
  • To guarantee a double-blind peer review procedure, papers should not contain any author or affiliation information.
  • Bibliographic references should be provided in the text or in endnotes, not in footnotes. Please provide citations only in number style (a citation number in a square bracket as, e.g., [1]; page or chapter info is as follows: [1, p.18], [2, chpt.3]; several citations can be combined as in [2, 5, 9]). The bibliography (which provides full details of all and only references cited in-text) appears at the end of the text. The citations in the bibliography are numbered and appear in alphabetical order of the first author’s surname. Please provide full names of all authors (firstname surname [and firstname2 surname2 etc.]). The references in the bibliography have the following form:
    • Books: Author(s). Book Title. Address: Publisher, Year.
    • Journal articles: Author(s). “Paper Title”. In: Journal Title Vol.Nr (Year), pp. x–x.
    • Contributions: Author(s). “Contribution Title”. In: Collection Title. Ed. by Editor(s). Year, pp. x–x.